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Colfax Fluid Handling Introduces Intelligent Sea Water Cooling

Colfax Fluid Handling

Colfax Fluid Handling will demonstrate the enhanced Smart Technology CM-1000 Series, with exclusive new Active Valve Control functionality, at SMM 2014, Hall A2, Stand 213. The Active Valve Control option delivers incremental energy savings of potentially up to 85 percent, thus reducing a vessel’s carbon footprint.

The CM-1000 also reduces maintenance by up to 50 percent and provides safer operation, short term return-on-investment and long term savings for total ownership.

The CM-1000 Series with Active Valve Control utilizes sensors to monitor real-time operating conditions such as temperatures in the freshwater cooling loop, as well as the pumps’ suction and discharge pressure. The sensor signals enable the CM-1000 Series controller to regulate the flow of sea water to the coolers according to varying heat loads from the main engine and generators.

The CM-1000 Series controller checks pump status based on the pumps’ performance curve, then opens and closes valves in the sea water cooling system to adjust the pumps’ duty point for optimal operation. In the case of a 3 x 50% pump setup, Active Valve Control also allows for an intelligent cascading pump operation.

Because valve adjustments are made automatically, the risk for incorrect manual valve settings is eliminated and incremental energy savings and overall system efficiency are enhanced.

Active Valve Control also reduces system complexity on the coolers’ freshwater side, significantly reducing pipe turbulence and essentially allowing the removal of the three-way valve and by-pass line, reducing both equipment cost and their associated maintenance costs.

“Regardless of the operation conditions and system requirements, the CM-1000 Series Active Valve Control feature and the integrated cascading capability will always provide the most efficient pump operation,” says Christian Martin, Director Product Management, Commercial Marine, Colfax Fluid Handling. “They enable full operation control, not just operation monitoring. Instead of a warning light that must be acted upon when a pump is operated outside of prescribed limits, the Active Valve Control logic will signal the CM-1000 controller to adjust the duty point automatically, eliminating the risk of pump cavitation. That means that equipment will last longer and require less maintenance, while operating at much higher efficiency levels, saving equipment, manpower and energy costs.

“That’s why we call the end result ‘intelligent sea water cooling,’” added Martin.

Designed to work effectively with both 2 x 100% and 3 x 50% pumping configurations, the Smart Technology CM-1000 Series with Active Valve Control also features:

  • Variable Speed Operation that adjusts and lowers motor and pump speed, providing energy savings between 40 and 80 percent and reducing the loads to provide longer equipment life and minimize maintenance; this replaces the traditional system design that features continuously-running pumps at full speed plus a bypass control. Worst-case conditions (32 C sea water, full load of all equipment) can still be met.
  • Condition Monitoring that detects potential wear and/or fault conditions such as bearing damage, misalignment or coupling damage, mechanical seal damage and dry running, to help to prevent catastrophic breakdown and to increase uptime.
  • Operation Control that extends mean time between failures (MTBF) by avoiding partload and overload operation to decrease bearing load and cavitation occurrences and to provide safe operation and consistent pump performance.

“Colfax Fluid Handling’s Smart Technology CM-1000 Series is all about ROI, bringing value to our ship owner, ship operator and ship builder customers,” said Karl-Johan Brinck, Vice President, Commercial Marine, Colfax Fluid Handling. “With the exclusive new functionality we’ll be highlighting at SMM 2014, we can demonstrate that the CM-1000 Series delivers results like no other sea water cooling system solution.”
In addition to a demo of the CM-1000 Series with Active Valve Control at the Colfax Fluid Handling booth, the Commercial Marine team will be running the CM-1000 Simulator Calculator, an interactive tool that calculates potential energy savings and carbon footprint reduction based on vessel type and size, water temperature, energy cost and minimum pressure at the company’s booth.

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