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Project Water Injection Package for Floating Production Facility in Norway


Ruhrpumpen recently sold a Water Injection package that consists of quantity (2) SCE 10X8X16 (Booster pumps) and quantity (2) SM 6X13X10 (Main pumps). The 2.3 MW driver for the SM pump operated by a variable frequency drive.

The Base plate, that also will carry the Lube Oil System, is designed as a 3 point support version. This is a special design for platforms and FPSO´s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading). The 3 point support will protect the pump unit from stresses due to the twisting of the ship.

The package will be placed on a special FPSO from Sevan Marine, the “Sevan Voyageur”. This FPSO from Sevan is a special design (different from the more common standard design of a Modified Tank ship). The cylindrical design makes it vertical modular and extremely stable.

Picture: Ruhrpumpen

Source: Ruhrpumpen


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