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Flowserve Inaugurates New Production Block at its Pump Manufacturing Facility in Coimbatore

Flowserve Corporation announced the opening of its state-of-the-art pump manufacturing plant in Coimbatore, India. The facility will support the company’s existing Indian operations and provide pump products for power and oil & gas industries throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The new expansion includes approximately 130,000 square feet of space comprised of a state-of-art pump production facility and administrative space including a static and dynamic test laboratory that will be added to the existing two production blocks. Block III was constructed utilizing Lean concepts and has a larger package bay for handling complex pump packages which can weigh up to 50 tons.

"The expansion and dedication of our new facility in Coimbatore provides expanded testing capabilities for our customers in the region as well as opportunities for future market expansion," said Tom Pajonas, Chief Operating Officer of Flowserve.

In 2007, Flowserve opened its first production facility at Coimbatore to manufacture process pumps for chemical and oil & gas markets up to a rating of 1.1 megawatts (MW). Later in 2008, Block II was inaugurated to cover the medium range vertical and multistage barrel pumps for the power and oil & gas markets up to a rating of 3 MW. In addition, Flowserve established a Pump QRC (Quick Response Center) in 2013 in Vadadora, to carry out after market support for the local installation base in the western part of the country.

The new facility will enhance the engineered manufacturing pump capability including single and multistage high energy API pumps, engineered boiler feed water pumps, concrete volute pumps, which will help to serve the demands in the infrastructure sectors of power, oil & gas and water.

The pump testing system in the new facility can handle pumps with very large flow rates, high pressure and high temperature. It includes a remote witnessing facility and utilizes a captive power unit with variable frequency drives to support testing for pumps greater than 8 MW in capacity. A Static and dynamic laboratory is now available in the new administration block and is designed to offer a balanced combination of hands-on training and operational theory for flow control equipment and systems.

In addition to the Coimbatore pump manufacturing facility, Flowserve has valve manufacturing facilities located in Bangalore and Chennai. Flowserve also has joint ventures for manufacturing mechanical seals in Chennai and chemical processing pumps in Hubli.

Source: Flowserve

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