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Z Series, a multi-purpose peristaltic pump

Apart from their principle of ease of operation, the low pressure Series Z pumps from the PCM Delasco range are the ideal solution for the transfer and dosing of viscous, corrosive or delicate products.

The Series Z offers the best in peristaltic technology
Self-priming, dry operating, reversibility, seal-less construction - these are the main features of a peristaltic pump. Add to these the particular advantages of the Series Z:
Easy maintenance: the simple connection system of Series Z pumps enables rapid changing of tubes; pumps are never stopped for more than 15 min except during the annual service.
An economic solution: Series Z pumps are fitted with a removable tube. The lubricant used is grease and not oil, which also helps to reduce running costs.
Corrosion resistant: the pump tube is the only component in contact with the product being pumped;
this eliminates any risk of corrosion resulting from the transfer of basic or acidic products.
Quick and easy cleaning: only the tube is in contact with the pumped product. This means that the pump can be cleaned more easily, which ensures rapid batch changes (colour, flavour, product etc.) and fewer stoppages during production.

Multipurpose, the Series Z can be adapted to many situations:
In surface treatments, for emptying used baths, transferring acids and electrolytes etc.
In chemical applications, for emptying tanks containing corrosive products, recycling and dosing of acids or bases etc.
In pulp and paper mills, for supplying the glue and ink lines, pumping water loads and emptying holding tanks etc.
In the food processing industry, for delivering doses of acids and bases, fruit juices, tomato concentrate, transferring palm oil etc.
In environmental applications, for dosing lime water, reagents (ferric chloride, ferric sulphate), flocculants etc.

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