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Smooth and Flexible Spiral Hose for Extreme Conditions

Born from the idea of creating a spiral hose to meet all of our customer’s most urgent requirements in one product, the unique Master-PUR Performance offers a totally smooth surface for improved transport flow, greater durability and reliability even when transporting heavy bulk solids under extreme conditions, and incredible flexibility, especially in comparison to other heavy-duty PU hoses.

A result of extensive research and innovative development in the construction design, materials and manufacturing processes applied, the Master-PUR Performance is the only spiral hose in the world to combine all of these – otherwise contradictory – features in one. Even with its highly robust design, it can easily be installed in the tightest of spaces, making it the perfect all-rounder.

Up until the birth of the Master-PUR Performance, the combination of truly reliable robustness for greater load capacities, a high level of flexibility, as well as a seamlessly smooth inner surface was simply not technically possible in the field of spiral hose manufacturing. Thanks to the many years of experience in high-tech plastics, particularly in the processing of special 3D cross-linked cast elastomers, and the successful completion of exhaustive load and endurance tests, Masterflex are proud to launch of the new extruded spiral hose onto the world market.

These clear advantages of the Master-PUR Performance are especially evident when transporting industrial goods. Heavily abrasive bulk solids and dusts, such as plastic granules (with a high GRP ratio), quartz, stones, glass or ceramic fragments, place enormous demands on hose durability, meaning that maintenance intervals are usually frequent. That’s why users choose to rely on heavier, inflexible rubber hoses or steel pipes for transporting this type of media. The new Master-PUR Performance from Masterflex, however, offers a groundbreaking alternative packed with direct benefits for the user:

  • Thanks to its totally smooth and cavity-free inner surface, the all-new Master-PUR Performance provides unbeatable flow conditions with virtually no flow-loss whatsoever. Also, as there are no edges or pores on the inside of the hose to cause residue build-up, there is no media loss and your energy consumption and costs are cut dramatically.
  • The optimised construction design of the hose profile provides the hose with greater flexibility. This allows the Master-PUR Performance to be easily used and installed in even the smallest of spaces.
  • Due to the nature of the special materials used, the Master-PUR Performance boasts 100 % greater abrasion-resistance than any other conventional hose made from thermo-plastic polyurethane. The hose’s replacement intervals increase as a result, reducing maintenance costs significantly.
  • In comparison to the usual standard spiral hoses, it features improved pressure and vacuum resistance. Combined with its microbe-resistance and antistatic qualities, the Master-PUR Performance is perfect for almost any application. It fulfills all requirements of the standards TRBS 2153 and Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 95) for the avoidance of ignition hazards resulting from electrostatic charges.
The highly flexible Master-PUR Performance from Masterflex provides unparalleled performance and extraordinary advantages, which traditional hoses simply can’t offer. The new hose is available immediately in sizes from DN 38 to DN 152.

Picture: Walter Bonnett

Source: Masterflex


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