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Quiet, light-weight and compact - SPANDAU Pumps for laser cooling

Two Spandau Pump Groups are a genuine alternative to pumps made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metal - and in terms of their price as well. They deliver coolants for diverse laser applications (among others in material-processing systems, medical devices or labeling systems).

The non-metallic materials used in the pumps are especially light, absorb noise and stand out because of their high resistance to chemicals throughout a wide range of temperatures. Together with a stainless steel pump shaft, they also work safely and reliably with chemical additives, distilled or deionized water.
Thanks to their compact design they can also be easily installed on machines and equipment with tight space constraints.
The pumps are available for installation outside or inside the reservoir to meet the customer's needs.
The PVBC and PVBS block pumps are installed outside the reservoir.
Max. delivery rate: 30 l/min.
Max. delivery pressure: 4.5 bars
Liquid temperature: -10C to +110C
The Group PT immersion pumps are installed in reservoirs up to the pump's flange. They are available for immersion depths of 130, 170 and 270 mm. They only weigh about 4 kg.
Max. delivery rate: 23 l/min.
Max. delivery pressure: 3.5 bars
Liquid temperature: -60C to +120C
VOGEL will exhibit on the LASER trade show, Munich, Hall B2, booth 443

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