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Valve Booster for Fast, Precise Control

Samson Controls

A new design of booster which eliminates the time-consuming trial and error procedures associated with the fine tuning of control valves is available from valve specialists Samson Controls.

As a result of its precisely manufactured bypass restriction, the booster can be adjusted exactly and lead-sealed in this set-up ensuring valuable time saved, whilst also minimising potential start-up problems.

As the booster is completely pressure balanced it provides a stable output, even under fluctuating pressure conditions. The signal pressure is transmitted with a defined hysteresis, without loss (gain 1:1) and emits minimal noise. Another important benefit is that only the boosterís functional parts come into contact with instrument air, alternatively the boosterís exhaust air port can be protected from the weather or other environmental factors.

When used in combination with a positioner the booster allows control valves with large pneumatic actuators to be controlled quickly and precisely, even in applications with high flow rates or significant pressure drops.

Picture: Samson Controls

Source: Samson Controls


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