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New Bell & Gossett Submersible High Temp Sump Pump

Xylem has introduced the Bell & Gossett submersible high temperature sump pump. The company made the announcement at the 2013 AHR Expo, January 28-30, in Dallas.

The high temp sump pump is designed to handle applications where liquids are too hot for conventionally built submersible pumps. This includes wastewater coming from high temperature processes like boiler blow down and hot water rinses in the commercial plumbing market. With the capacity to handle liquids up to 200ºF, the versatile sump pump is built to pump corrosive, non-corrosive and clear or solid laden liquids.

The new sump pump also offers the industry’s only silicon carbide mechanical seal faces and all cast iron construction. Additional features include:

    Cast iron, semi-open impeller featuring non-clog with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection
  • Cast iron volute casing type for maximum efficiency and 2" NPT discharge

  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel shaft with a threaded design

  • Locknut on all models to guard against component damage on accidental reverse rotation

  • 300 Series stainless steel fasteners

  • 200ºF Continuous duty rating

  • Capable of running dry without damage to components
Fully submerged in high-grade turbine oil for lubrication and efficient heat transfer, the single-phase motor features class B insulation. The motor also has built-in overload with automatic reset and offers SJOOW severe duty oil and water resistant power cords rated for high temperatures.

Additional specifications for the pump include:
  • Solids handling capabilities ¾” maximum

  • Capacities: up to 70 GPM

  • Total head: up to 27 feet TDH

  • NEMA three-prong grounding plugs

Picture: Bell & Gossett High Temp Sump Pump

Source: Xylem

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