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Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions Introduces Its New Saunders EX Diaphragm Designed for High-Temperatures

Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions, Saunders offers customers its new EX Diaphragm, designed to withstand long periods of operation without damage or deterioration due to elevated temperatures.

Its performance characteristics make the EX Diaphragm ideal for steam distribution and supply, sterile barrier, and block and bleed applications. It is recommended where seal-to-atmosphere is important. Operating efficiency is improved as requirements for “re-torqueing” of fasteners after thermo cycling are mitigated.

“The EX Diaphragm provides the right solution in (high-temperature) applications where other products’ physical properties can adversely impact their performance,” said Andrew Powell, VP/GM - Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions, Saunders. “It is called the Endurance Diaphragm not just for its ability to tolerate continued heat exposure (rated for 175 C/347 F to -20.C/-4 F), but also for its resistance against compression under those conditions.”

Resistance to (deformation after) compression is critical for backings that must provide resiliency that PTFE facings lack. After being compressed, elastomers spring back to their original form, less any “compression set” (the extent of deformation retained). The ability of diaphragms to “bounce back” to their original shape diminishes over time, especially in high-heat applications. The EX Diaphragm, which is made with silicone, not only has an overall better recovery – or resistance to compression set – it also has excellent thermal and anti-aging properties.

This resistance is the property limiting the need to re-tighten fasteners after thermo cycling, although this practice is still recommended 24 hours after the first heat cycle. With the EX Diaphragm, additional re-tightening demands are lessened.

The EX Diaphragm is FDA-compliant, third party tested to USP Class VI, <87>, <88>, is certified ADCF (Animal Derived Component Free), meets requirements of ASME BPE part SG, and is fully lot traceable.

Source: Crane ChemPharma


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