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Moyno 280XT Elastomer Delivers Superior Performance

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group recently launched the Moyno 280XT Elastomer offering industry-best power and torque output combined with excellent fluid compatibility for reliability and performance.

It has been formulated to retain its superior mechanical properties at temperatures up to 375 F (190 C) when exposed to oil, synthetic and water based drilling fluids. The Moyno 280XT Elastomer provides exceptional reliability in the most demanding conditions including HPHT and extended reach wells while delivering the power and torque needed to raise the ROP of conventional power sections to new standards.

The Moyno 280XT Elastomer is:

  • Stable Changes in 280XT mechanical properties average less than 3% in drilling fluid compatibility testing.

  • Tough 280XT strength at 250 F (125 C) is almost twice that of UF100D and UF114.

  • Powerful Delivers up to 65% greater power than conventional NBR and HNBR elastomers and 30% greater power than premium elastomers such as UF114.

Picture: Moyno 280XT Elastomer (Image: Robbins & Myers)

Source: Robbins & Myers

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