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New Verderair VA25 Muffler – No Icing, No Stops

New Verderair VA25 Muffler – No Icing, No Stops (Image: Verder)

Verderair solved one of the most common reasons for failing air operated double diaphragm pumps - introducing the new preventive non-icing muffler for the VA25.

A well-known problem with air operated double diaphragm pumps is icing of the muffler. Especially in cold winter times, when the temperature of the compressed air is already very low, the humidity in the air will condensate and will form ice crystals. Those ice crystals will settle in the muffler of the pump, blocking the exhaust air passage, causing efficiency-loss and finally failure of the pump.

‘Downtime is wasted time,’ says Wim Rochtus, Product Manager at Verderair International. ‘That is why many customers already chose the reliable VA25. By using the new VA25 muffler, downtime is now reduced to nearly zero, even using compressed air with high humidity. ’ By engineering a complete new design of muffler, Verderair has created a muffler that is much less prone to icing. Long time performance tests with bad conditioned compressed air showed the downtime of pumps with the new muffler were up to 30 times less!

The new VA25 muffler features:

  • Reduced icing increases uptime dramatically

  • Smaller muffler, easy to install

  • Suitable for use in ATEX environment
The new mufflers are made out of conductive polypropylene and come standard with every VA25 pump. By using this new muffler, even operated with low conditioned compressed air, the VA25 pump is even more efficient and reliable than it’s predecessor.

Picture: New Verderair VA25 Muffler – No Icing, No Stops (Image: Verder)

Source: Verder

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