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Cornell Pump Company Names Employee Service Awards

Cornell Pump Company began producing quality, innovative pumps in April of 1946. Cornell Pump is paying tribute to its history with a special tribute section on its blog, as well as presenting service awards for 2011.

The awards will be presented by Robert Ray, Cornell Pump president at the quarterly meeting. “We emphasize Efficient by Design as our tagline,” said Ray. “These Cornell employees epitomize that efficiency, as well as great customer care and professionalism. Congratulations to them for their outstanding achievement.”

Ray also commemorates Cornell Pump’s milestone, “Our current success is built on a strong foundation of innovation, efficiency and excellence. As we end our 65th anniversary year, we appreciate and celebrate all we’ve done as company, and look forward to continuing our work as a preeminent centrifugal pump manufacturer, strong partner to our distributors, and an innovative American manufacturer.”

Honored will be:

  • Eric Holtan, Application Engineer:Customer Service Award – Inside Sales

  • Steve Perry, Product Engineer: Customer Service Award – Engineering

  • Larry McVicker, Master Scheduler: Customer Service Award – Operations

  • David Haskins, SW Regional Manager: Regional Manager of the Year

  • Duane Hargis, NE Regional Manager: “Go Getter” Salesperson Award

Cornell Pump Company started in 1946 when five co-workers at Pacific Pump Company formed their own company. Originally specializing in creating pump systems and servicing various manufacturers’ pumps, Cornell became familiar with what was causing most pump operational failures.
Using that knowledge, in 1949 they set out to design Rain-O-Flow irrigation pumps to address irrigation specific issues, and incorporate features and benefits that solved recurring problems that had been observed when repairing other irrigation pumps.

From there, Cornell has grown over the last 65 years into one of the most innovative, efficient, and effective pumps manufacturers in the world.

Cornell originated many innovations in pump design including, Cycloseal and Redi-Prime. The Cycloseal design, with its unique deflector vanes, works with the impeller backvanes to create a cyclo-action. This action removes solids and abrasive material from the seal area while purging air and gas pockets – extending seal life and eliminating any need for venting or water flush. Cycloseal extends the life of seals up to three times as long as compared with a standard seal.

The Redi-Prime fully automated priming and re-priming system allows rapid, unattended priming of pumps. The system can handle large-sized solids, while the valve eliminates any liquid carry over—leading to an environmental-friendly installation.

Source: Cornell Pump Company


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