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Edwards Launches a New Generation of High Performance Dry Scientific Vacuum Pumps

nXDS Pump  (Image: Edwards)

Edwards has launched a new range of dry scroll vacuum pumps which gives exceptional performance in scientific, laboratory, research and development applications.

The novel nXDS pump is more reliable and requires less maintenance than alternative pumps, which results in less downtime and a low cost of ownership. It also has a lower environmental impact, enabling users to reduce their carbon footprint.

With exceptional pumping capability, ultimate vacuum performance and state-of-the-art design features, Edwards’ nXDS is the best performing pump in its class. It is an environmentally-friendly oil-free vacuum pump that has no lubricants in the vacuum. As a dry vacuum pump, nXDS has many advantages to oil-sealed pumps as there is no need for regular oil changes and users can benefit from low maintenance.

The advanced scroll design and tip-seal technology mean the pumps have a longer lifetime compared to other products. The tip seals may last up to five years, which significantly increases time in service and lowers cost of ownership. The pumps are also easy to service which results in minimal downtime and makes them economical to run. Tip seals can be replaced in less than 10 minutes in the field using basic workshop tools.

The efficient pumps feature intelligent control functions. Control modes include serial, USB, remote parallel and analogue as well as manual operation with simple up / down buttons. Full serial communications mode provides feedback about the state of the pump, enabling scientists to optimise their process and schedule routine maintenance conveniently. It also assists with preventative maintenance regimes, as the nXDS pumps indicates when service is needed via a light indicator on the control panel.

nXDS is easy to install and run. It is a simple ‘fit and forget’ pump which provides excellent performance for many years. It has low acoustic noise of only 52dB(A) and is extremely quiet in the laboratory - up to 20 times quieter than some comparable pumps.

nXDS has a standby mode, which reduces power consumption and users can set speeds ranging from 66% to 100% of full speed. As a result, users can save money associated with energy use, while also improving their carbon footprint.

“This new generation of pumps is a major step forward for vacuum pumping in scientific and related markets,” says Ian Olsen, market sector manager (scientific) at Edwards. “The nXDS is based on some of the proven technology of Edwards’ XDS dry scroll pump brought right up to date with much improved performance and increased functionality. Its green credentials and low cost of ownership make it the small dry pump of choice for today’s most advanced technologies, saving users time, energy and money.”

Users can choose from four sizes to best suit their pumping requirements. The nXDS6i, nXDS10i, nXDS15i and nXDS20i have exceptional pumping speeds between 6 m3hr-1 and 20 m3hr-1 combined with class leading ultimate vacuum levels. The 10i and 15i in particular having base vacuums below 10-2 mbar. A gas ballast switch allows for applications involving water vapour to be easily managed.

It delivers excellent performance in applications including beam lines and high energy physics, backing turbo molecular pumps, distillation, extraction and filtration, freeze drying, solvent recovery, rotary and centrifugal evaporators, sputtering, scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beams, general laboratory bench top and clean pumping.

Picture: nXDS Pump (Image: Edwards)

Source: Edwards

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