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Varna Introduces TG300 Metering Pump

Varna Products

Varna Products, a Division of Transportation Research Corp., introduces their newest pump Model TG-300 Variable Speed Low Flow Pump.

The TG-300 is a positive displacement gear pump designed for smooth continuous flows from 0-to-400 ml/min (0-to-5 gal/hour),viscosity range of 30 cSt to 600 cSt, for fluids compatible with aluminum, steel viton and teflon wetted materials powered by a 1/10 hp, 24VDC brushless motor with integral drive electronics. The TG-300 pump flow can be set with a 0-to-5 volt analog signal.

The compact TG-300 low-flow pump solution is perfect for a variety of applications, such as metering, dosing, bottling, medical, chemical, and many more!
This expands Varna’s line of prelube and transfer pumps and is designed and built for quality and performance.

Picture: Varna Products

Source: Varna Products


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