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Saer Elettropompe Introduces New Product Developments

NCBK (Image: Saer)

Saer Elettropompe cares energy saving. That’s why its R & D department was looking for new ways to ensure optimum solutions to its customers.

NCBK, the new range of bareshaft pumps exceeding the norm EN 733, has been projected to achieve the best efficiency. Its hydraulic was designed thought advanced calculation softwares in order to optimize the results. This can be translated in cost saving for the end user. Versions available: cast iron and stainless steel AISI 316, with outlets DN150, (150-500), DN 200 (200-315, 200-400, 200-500), DN 300 (300-315, 300-400) and up to come 300-500. Applications: industrial field, water treatment, irrigation, water distribution.

Already on the market from several months, the NCBK series is successful on the market, confirming once again that Saer, keeping the full production in Italy, provides a high quality product recognized all over the world.

Moreover this month Saer presents two new efficiency-oriented products: new generation inverter and the new NR series of submersible pumps.

New Inverter
Inverter for the control of submersible and surface electric pumps, both monophase and threephase, for the control of one or several pumps in parallel or in groups for pressurization.


  • Energy saving: changing the motor feeding frequency , and thus its speed rotation, the inverter controls the pump by optimizing the performance.

  • Reduction of mechanical stress: the start-up is gradual, avoids high starting currents and reduces the risk of water hammers.

  • Easy to use: It replaces traditional systems with pressure gauge or flow switch and big tanks.

  • Noiselessness

NR-152 A / R - B/R
Two new families in order to complete the series NR-152. These pumps have performance comparable to those of series NR-151 A and NR-151B, but with the advantage of having a lower number of stages in favor of more reliability and less costs.

Picture: NCBK (Image: Saer)

Source: Saer

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