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Xylem’s Godwin Launches New Range of Non-clog Pumps Featuring Flygt N-technology

Xylem Inc. announced a new range of Godwin portable pumps featuring non-clog Flygt N-technology. The new range, called the Godwin NC Series, is engineered to deliver clog-free pumping for maximum uptime and effectiveness.

“In sewage bypass and other wastewater pumping, fiber and stringy solids are particularly difficult,” says Michel Bakhos, head of Xylem’s dewatering business. “Pumps can clog up, requiring maintenance and resulting in unplanned downtime. Now that Godwin is part of Xylem, we can share technologies between proven product brands, to deliver highly efficient pumps to our customers. Joint engineering teams from the UK, Sweden and the United States have integrated Flygt N-technology into our flagship Godwin Dri-Prime range to create the new non-clog series.”

The design of Flygt N-hydraulics allows pass through of stringy solids without clogging, and has been used successfully in Flygt dry installed and submersible pumps since 1997. The product has been proven in more than 300,000 water and wastewater installations around the world.

“The new Godwin 3-, 4- and 6-inch (80, 100, 150 mm) NC Series pumps are offered for rent or purchase. They are ideal in temporary applications where there is a need to pump sewage with stringy content,” said Bakhos. “Flygt N-technology is also offered in the Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System for sewage pump stations, where they provide peace of mind in case of a power failure. The Dri-Prime Backup System consists of a permanently installed diesel-driven pump that automatically takes over pumping functions in case of power failure, eliminating the need for stand-by generators or preventing unwanted spills.”

The Godwin NC Series – models NC80, NC100 and NC150 – are capable of flows up to 400 m3/h (1,750 GPM) and heads up to 60 m (200 feet). The NC Series is offered with diesel engine or electric motor options, on highway trailer or skid base. Also, available are quiet enclosures for use in residential areas.

Source: Xylem

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