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ADT Appoints Company for US Distribution

Advanced Design Technology (ADT) announces the establishment of TURBOdesign Technology, Inc. as sole distributor of TURBOdesign Suite products and provider of design services based on 3D inverse design.

A U.S. based point of contact reflects the impressive growth ADT has been experiencing in the region and the commitment to provide closer support and design services to existing and new customers. TURBOdesign Technology Inc (TDT Inc) will be led by Dr. Judy Busby, who has 20 years of experience in the U.S. turbomachinery industry at the U.S. Navy, United Technology Research Centre, Pratt and Whitney and more recently Barber Nichols.

TURBOdesign Suite is a turbomachinery specific design, analysis and optimisation package built around the 3D inverse design methodology. The inverse approach helps design engineers to develop high performance components while shortening the design cycle. Leading companies in aerospace, automotive, industrial, power generation and refrigeration are applying TURBOdesign Suite as the standard design tool and are experiencing higher performance along with better knowledge transfer between teams and departments.

“ADT has been supporting an important customer base in U.S. since its establishment 13 years ago. It is hoped that TDT Inc will help to provide local support and training in U.S. and engage in consultancy projects” comments Prof. Zangeneh, Founding Director of Advanced Design Technology. “We welcome Dr. Busby’s impressive experience across a wide range of turbomachinery products, from analysis and design to testing and manufacturing”.

“There are still important improvements which can be made on all types of turbomachinery, but the industry in general is experiencing a strong skill shortage,” explains Dr. Busby, President of TURBOdesign Technology. “Our company is committed to support turbomachinery manufacturers with leading design tools, such as TURBOdesign Suite, and to complement or enhance their design skills with an experienced engineering services team.”

TURBOdesign Technology Inc, launched its activities on March 1st, 2011 as the sole distributor for TURBOdesign Suite and main provider of design and analysis services to US based companies.

Source: Advanced Design Technology


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