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TURBOdesign1 Employed at Andritz

Advanced Design Technology, Ltd., or ADT is pleased to announce that Andritz Hydro AG applied TURBOdesign1 - 3D inverse design code - for the design of a compact Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) achieving higher efficiency and cavitation performance.

TURBOdesign1 was used to redesign an existing Reactor Coolant Pump in order to meet the increased flow rate and head required by the plant as a result of increased power output of the nuclear power plant to 1400 MW. The redesigned pump stage was more compact than the original and also provided higher efficiency at design point and better cavitation performance. Extensive measurements at Andritz Hydraulic laboratory (ASTRÖ) confirmed the new design met the required design targets for the whole operating range.

“Our experience is that TURBOdesign1 provides good solutions in a very short period of time, especially when starting from scratch”, comments Dr. Arno Gehrer, of Andritz Hydro AG, “TURBOdesign1 has enabled Andritz Pumps Division to considerably speed up the hydraulic design process.”

Source: Advanced Design Technology


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