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Alldur Stators from Allweiler with up to Triple Service Life

The new stator material

Alldur was specially developed for use in sewage treatment plants and for pumping abrasive wastewater. The elastomer’s new chemical composition and Allweiler’s processing methods increase service life by up to three times.

Alldur stators are now available in all of the company’s progressing cavity pumps. Allweiler’s plant in Bottrop manufactures approximately 8,500 progressing cavity (PC) pumps for sewage treatment plants every year.

Allweiler is one of the few manufacturers that produces every part of its progressing cavity pumps at its own plants in Germany. Stators are particularly important and must be carefully matched to the pumped liquid. According to Stefan Wilken, Sales Manager for Germany: "We choose from twenty combinations of elastomers so the customer gets the most economical solution possible." The new "Alldur" stator can stay in service for up to three times longer than other stators.

The composition of "Alldur" is adapted to provide maximum resistance to mechanical influences. "Wear is incredibly low, even when the pump moves highly contaminated wastewater with a high proportion of solids for long periods of time," according to Alfred Paul, director of development at Allweiler. The new stator is also highly elastic and exhibits high tensile strength. It has high tear-growth resistance and can be used across a wide temperature range.

Picture: The new stator material "Alldur" was specially developed by Allweiler AG for use in sewage treatment plants and for pumping abrasive wastewater.

Source: Allweiler

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