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Visitors to Test New Tsurumi Cutter Pump

CR Series high head cutter pump (Photo: Tsurumi)

The CR series is designed for the smooth and efficient transport of liquids contaminated with solid matter over long distances. Tsurumi will demonstrate the pump’s ability to cut up waste material while still transporting liquid by inviting visitors to throw bottles, clothes, cans, rope, plastic bags, etc. into the demonstration basin.

Global pump manufacturer Tsurumi has over 1,800 models in its range and will showcase 36 of its most innovative products at IFAT 2010. The company is using the event to launch a new high-head cutter pump. Tsurumi invites visitors to test the pump’s ability by throwing waste materials in its path . The new pump, along with a selection of aerators and dewatering, sewage and self-priming pumps, will be displayed at the event through ongoing demonstrations.

“IFAT 2010 is the ideal platform to showcase our knowledge and expertise providing innovative and efficient pumping solutions across the globe,” says Carsten Bode, product manager at Tsurumi Europe. “We continue to branch out into new applications to meet the diverse needs of the water industry. The launch of a new cutter pump adds to our varied and extensive range of equipment. We invite visitors at IFAT to put the pump through its paces and test its quality and ability first hand.”

The Tsurumi pumps on display at IFAT 2010 include:
New Cutter Pump
Tsurumi’s new CR series are submersible, high head cutter pumps. A unique feature of the pump is that unlike the existing C series, which uses a 4-pole motor, the CR series runs on a 2-pole motor, which increases high head performance by up to 70%.
The CR series’ cutter mechanism is made of sintered tungsten carbide alloy edges integrated with an impeller and suction cover with a saw-tooth suction port. The impeller is equipped with two edges that act as a rotating cutter to provide improved cutting efficiency. The impeller and suction cover are made of high-chromium cast iron to increase durability and allow the pump to run continually for extended periods of time.

Tsurumi was one of the first manufacturers to create aerators specifically designed for wastewater treatment. The company’s TRN series of submersible aerators are its most advanced model and will be demonstrated at IFAT 2010.

The TRN series offers patented oil filter technology, an extra large oil chamber and the new Air-Seal-Principle, which ensures that the double mechanical seal – unique to Tsurumi’s products to reduce wear - never comes into contact with the water during operation.

‘Puddle Suckers’
Tsurumi’s LSC series are residual dewatering pumps that have become known as ‘Puddle Suckers’ for their ability to drive large amounts of water down to a depth of just 1 mm. Tsurumi will demonstrate this ability in working action on a drum.

Multipurpose pump with agitator
Tsurumi’s KRS series are general, multipurpose contractor pumps whose strength and ability are able to deal with a wide range of requirements and applications. The KRS pump at IFAT will be fitted with an agitator for sand settling and will be showcased in a demo basin.

Tsurumi recently partnered with Primax Pumps, an Australian pump manufacturer, to sell its automatic self-priming diesel pumps to numerous markets in Europe. The Yakka series from Primax is suitable for almost all applications, particularly sewage bypassing, and will be displayed at IFAT 2010. The Yakka series are compact, mobile pumps with high fuel efficiency and low noise levels due to a special acoustic casing.

The IFAT will take place in Munich between 13th and 17th September.

Picture: CR Series high head cutter pump (Photo: Tsurumi)

Source: Tsurumi


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