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New Release of Pump for Great Flooding Situations

ETECS S.A., manufacturer of axial flow pump located in Colombia, developed a special floating pump for control great situations of flooding caused by rain, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

For many years, moving large volumes of water meant installing a traditional concrete pumping station. These stations, consisting of a series of stationary axial pumps or centrifugal pumps in a concrete civil structure, are typically costly to build, expensive to maintain, and difficult to install.

ETEC S.A. of Cartagena, Colombia, aims to revolutionize the way we move water with an award-winning floating pump. Its patented design consists of a high-capacity axial flow pump powered by a Diesel or electric engine depending to location requirements.

The pumping unit is mounted on a 6-meter (20 ft.) container frame with a flotation chamber filled with low-density polyurethane foam. Because it is self-contained, it does not require a pumping station, making it fast and easy to install. In fact, ETEC floating pumps can be installed in less than two hours for emergency flood control.

“The floating pump is a world innovation that changes typical pump stations that are costly, time consuming, and troublesome to build, and gives an tool for immediate response in catastrophic situations like Hurricanes or Flooding” explains Camilo Murillo, ETEC Engineer.

Installation in a Flooding Situation

  • It can be transported in a regular truck to disaster location.

  • Can be easily installed and put in action in minutes when arrive to situation.

  • For this it will be connected to the flexible pipe required (HDPE material fits this requirement). And with its Diesel engine it can be turned on immediately and begin pumping.

  • It will pump fast the water flow in the zone.

The pumps comes in Light version ( 24”, 30” and 36”) and in Container type versions (30”, 36” 42” and 48”).

Construction Features Container Pump
  • The ETEC´s AXIAL FLOW – FLOATING PUMP is constructed under the dimensions and exact measures of a 20´ container, facilitating transportation of the unit.

  • Flotation is accomplished with the construction of one Fiber-Glass tank, with walls 9 mm thick. Fiber glass compartment is filled by Low Density Polyurethane foam for security and submerged engine compartment made in ASTM 131 Grade A Marine Steel, 8 mm thick. Engine compartment is equipped with an automatic electric bilge pump.
  • Engine compartment is equipped with two access hatch for maintenance, two ventilation ducts with mechanical ventilators to ensure adequate compartment temperature.

  • Diesel engine is equipped with an industrial silencer.

  • The pump’s bowl is constructed under ASME norms, out of certified 3/8” Grade-A steel plates. All the welding personnel is periodically certified by Lloyd’s Register of London, under ASME Norms, Code Section IX.

  • Stainless Steel 304 Cast blades for the impeller. The impeller is austhenized through heat treatment.

  • Stainless Steel 304 shaft, water lubricated, installed inside an enclosing tube for garbage protection and structural reinforcement.

  • The water lubricated pumps have exchangeable stainless steel 304 sleeves installed on the shaft to protect it from premature wear.

  • Stainless steel 304 wear-ring, protecting the area influenced by the impeller.

  • The Intake is protected with a metal grid. Metal grid is made out with of steel pipe that serves as keel cooler for the diesel engine.

  • The unit (container) is installed inside a metal frame, made of 4” diameter pipes, and 6” x 6” x ¼” angles, all welded to corner plots.

Source: ETEC S.A.

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