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CFturbo 8.2 – New Release of Turbomachinery Design Software Platform

CFturbo Software & Engineering

CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH a German engineering company specialized in CAE consulting and software development for Turbomachinery components and -systems, will bring a new software version of its user-friendly Turbomachinery design platform CFturbo to the market in May 2010.

The new release CFturbo 8.2 can be applied for conceptual design of radial and mixed-flow centrifugal pumps, fans, blowers, compressors and turbines, as well as radial diffusers and volutes. Direct interfaces to all major standard CAD- and CFD-systems are available. The automation of CAE-workflows is supported for various related software packages or it can be customized on request.

Ongoing software development to extend the platform does include topics such as design of axial fans and axial pumps, design capabilities for stator vanes, vaned radial diffusers and return channels for multi-stage turbomachinery as well as the integration of an established software solution for the cutter path calculation and simulation of milling processes.

Picture: CFturbo Software & Engineering

Source: CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH

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