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A Complete Production Range for Tank Filling and Liquid

Rovatti Pompe keeps on extending its production of centrifugal pumps for tanker manufacturers in industrial and agricultural applications.

The new SAI series of hydraulically driven self priming pumps combine customized performances, mounting versatility and easy maintenance advantages. Working speed and relevant pump performances are adjusted by the hydraulic motor oil operating
pressure. The pump is suitable for different applications and installations. Separated pump and motor shafts simplify installation and maintenance.
The new SAI series is able to meet flow requirements up to 85 m3/hour,head up to 40 meters.

Rovatti Pompe is also producing self priming pumps in multiple configurations to suit different equipment needs including:

  • MEA series: monobloc with electric motor

  • TA series: with PTO tractor connection

  • SA series: bare shaft for diesel or electric motor coupling

  • FA series: with flanged diesel engine SAE connection

The complete Rovatti production is able to meet flow requirements up to 170 m3/hour, head
up to 75 meters.

The main components of the Rovatti self priming production are in cast iron and
mechanical seal is available in different material combinations for heavy duty
applications. The high quality design and material solutions assure long-life functioning, reliability, easy maintenance and easy access to the check valve for servicing.

With over 50 years of experience, 4500 products and a world-wide presence, Rovatti guarantees reliable and innovative solutions. Rovatti pumps can always offer high standard of performance, reliability and much more added value.

Source: Rovatti

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