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Almatec CHEMICOR Metal Pneumatic Pumps for Numerous Chemical-Handling Applications


Almatec announces the availability of its latest metal pneumatic diaphragm pump for use in the handling and transfer of chemicals—the Almatec CHEMICOR Series.

The heart of the CHEMICOR pumps is their product chambers, which have been designed to meet the sensitive needs of chemical handling thanks to their soft contours, smooth flow channels and absence of dead spaces. CHEMICOR pumps are available in three volume sizes: 75-lpm/20-gpm (AD 20), 150-lpg/40-gpm (AD 32) and 400-lpm/100-gpm (AD 50). The CHEMICOR’s components have been chosen with chemical compatibility in mind, including a stainless-steel, precision-cast housing, diaphragms of EPDM and PTFE, and ball valves consisting of EPDM and PTFE.

Additional features include a compact solid design, easy start-up, an absence of drives, rotating parts and shaft seals, gentle displacement, dry-running and self-priming operation, no diaphragm discs, an integrated muffler, and a patented maintenance-free air-control system (PERSWING) without a dead center. Optional features are a pulsation damper, draining system, barrier-chamber system, diaphragm monitor, stroke counting and extended special ports for sanitary connections.

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