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Efficient Water Disinfection with Oxiperm Pro Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Grundfos Alldos chlorine dioxide generator Oxiperm Pro OCD-162-30 and -60 (Image: Grundfos)

In drinking or process water, there are often unwanted micro organisms such as pathogenic germs or disruptive factors for industrial processes.

In the food and beverage industry in particular, complete production charges could be affected. The formation of biofilm is an additional problem. Biofilm is a slimy layer which forms on the inside of water pipes or heat exchangers. Many micro organisms settle and reproduce themselves within the protection of this biofilm. Most disinfectants are not effective against it.

An ideal means of ensuring the cleanliness of water is to use chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant. Even in low concentration, chlorine dioxide is highly effective against all types of germs. In addition, it has a long dwell time in the pipe system. Therefore, even without having to extract water, there is a disinfection effect. Furthermore, chlorine dioxide affects neither taste nor smell of the water, because it does not form chlorinated organic compounds. The big advantage of chlorine dioxide over other disinfectants is its effectiveness against biofilms. Chlorine dioxide destroys the existing biofilm, thus removing the breeding ground for the pathogens, and prevents it from building up again.

The chlorine dioxide production system Oxiperm Pro is the perfect solution for water disinfection. The units with production capacities of 30 and 60 g of chlorine dioxide per hour are able to treat up to 75 respectively 150 m³ water per hour with a dosing rate of 0.4 g/m³. Chlorine dioxide can be added in two ways: either proportional to the water flow or depending on the measured residual.

Chlorine dioxide is produced on demand using the reliable sodium chlorite / hydrochloric acid procedure which works with diluted solutions. The compact Oxiperm Pro system can be installed in confined areas, because operation and maintenance tasks are performed exclusively on the front side. A chlorine dioxide measurement amplifier is integrated in the system control, which enables straightforward retrofitting of a chlorine dioxide control unit. A wide range of additional accessories simplifies assembly and start-up.

There’s also the possibility of optionally connecting an external batch tank. Oxiperm Pro’s robust design ensures high operational reliability and lower maintenance costs. In addition, the newly designed control system provides straightforward and userfriendly operation.

Ideal application areas for Oxiperm Pro systems are drinking water treatment or disinfection of process water in the food and beverage industry.

Picture: Grundfos Alldos chlorine dioxide generator Oxiperm Pro OCD-162-30 and -60 (Image: Grundfos)

Source: Grundfos Alldos

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