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Original Caprari Quality

Caprari presents the “ Original Caprari Quality ” anti-counterfeiting hologram, seal , security strap and spare parts packaging: symbols that stand for safety, reliability and sophisticated technologies from an enterprise that possesses over 60 years of experience in the world of water.

This project aims to assure CAPRARI s demanding customers that the products they have purchased are original and of high quality, essential aspects for those who need to come up with advanced solutions and obtain exceptional performances along with high efficiency and economic running.

The silver colored hologram with CAPRARI s brand name and the three-dimensional images of the three product lines - Deep clear water - Clear surface water - Waste and drainage water - will be affixed to some of the product lines at first, and will then be gradually used for the whole range of pumps and motors.

After the assembly, the products will be packed and shipped with either the green colored
" Original Caprari Quality " security Seal or Strap.

The packaging used for the spare parts will also conform to the O.C.Q. project.

About Caprari
The Caprari Group is a leading concern on an international level in the production of electropumps and advanced solutions for management of the integrated water cycle.
Thanks to its exclusive and diversified expertise, Caprari offers the most advanced and efficient solutions for essential water supply needs: from deep well pumping, waste and drainage water lifting, residential, industrial and agricultural water supply and distribution, and water treatment in general.

Picture: "Original Caprari Quality " security Seal

Source: Caprari

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