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Fire-fighting Units To EN12845 Standards

EN12485 standards, known as UNI EN12845 in Italy, define the criteria for designing, installing and servicing fixed automatic and sprinkler fire-fighting systems.

From this September, EN1845 will replace both the UNI9489 and UNI9490 Italian standards. DAB has been anticipating these changes and in fact at the last "Termoidraulica Clima 2007” event in Padua presented its new fire-fighting units designed to comply with EN12845.
These units can consist of one or more electrically or diesel driven pumps. A compensation pump can be included to return small quantities of leaked water to the unit. DAB fire-fighting pumps are designed to work in “modules” so as to fully comply with EN12845 requirements. Pumps start automatically when the sprinklers are activated.The pumps can only be turned off manually using a button on the electrical panel.

Source: DAB

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