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Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Is Packed With Functions


An accurate, powerful, yet compact and simple-to-operate ultrasonic portable flowmeter is the latest product to be introduced by flowmeter specialists FLOWLINE.

The key design features of the Minisonic 801 flowmeter have been developed and included as a result of the extensive practical, in-the-field flow control experience gained by Flowline, across a wide range of industry applications.

The versatile Minisonic 801 can be used on pipe diameters ranging from 10mm up to 10 metres and is effective on any liquid, including those which are non-conduc+tive. The unit’s non-invasive, external probes are simply clamped on to the pipe to facilitate quick installation and immediate measurement. Set-up and operation can be performed either by keypad or external software.

Other features and benefits include all new digital signal processing functions which use multiple processors resulting in faster response times. Also, a choice of configurations from previously stored data from other sites, a battery life indicator and an integral data logger which provides over 6 months capacity at 2 minute intervals.

The control unit enclosure is robust and watertight (to IP67) and despite it’s durable construction and range of useful functions, weighs less than 1 kg. Probes are available for applications with pipe temperatures ranging from -100º C to +200ºC while high technology probes can be supplied for specialist applications.

The Minisonic 801 provides a measuring accuracy of up to ± 1.0% of reading and is suitable for a wide range of control applications. For example, monitoring flows in all water and waste applications, pump testing, various oil products either refined or crude, petrochemical and food industries, process metering and control or wherever portable, highly accurate and reliable flow metering is an important requirement.

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Source: Flowline Manufacturing Ltd


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