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Paris-Nord Villepinte, France - from 27th to 30th November 2007
Major changes are currently taking place in the environment market. New challenges, mainly linked to the growing scarcity of resources and to climate change, are demanding an increasingly all-embracing approach.

With their ears constantly tuned to the market and the needs of the sector’s professionals, the organizers of Pollutec are taking these developments on board and anticipating their consequences by focusing on the new themes of the future alongside techniques to prevent pollution or provide protection against it.

The Pollutec Horizons name is a symbol of this determination to look further ahead and to offer visitors a clearer view of techniques designed to meet the challenges of the future. The show for tomorrow’s solutions to environmental and economic challenges, Pollutec Horizons will attract 1,500 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors to Paris-Nord Villepinte (France) from 27th to 30th November 2007. So far, all the signs are looking good, with over 11,000 m2 of space having already been sold by the end of March, eight months before the show opens.

Comprehensive solutions encompassing information, training and technology
The various surveys of visitors and exhibitors have confirmed how the market is changing. It is no longer simply a case of dealing with pollution but of optimizing resources, fighting climate change, preserving the health of individuals... Policies are therefore being developed within organizations, whether public or private, that are designed to save water and energy, make the most of materials, reduce greenhouse gases, prevent health risks and to buy in an ecologically responsible way…

The aim of Pollutec Horizons is to offer professionals and specifiers drawn from industry, local authorities and services a more all-embracing approach that crosses old divisions to offer information about regulations and technology, training and solutions that will allow them to learn about the new challenges and to respond to them effectively.

An exhibition designed to provide responses to major challenges…
The structure of Pollutec Horizons is based on the major environment challenges: treatment of pollution, analysis-measurement-monitoring, management of liquids and networks, making the most of resources and energy, dealing with climate change, preventing and managing risks, sustainable development, town planning and the environment, transport and logistics, regulations-audits-advice, prevention and protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage

Pollutec Horizons will of course continue to cover such traditional sectors as the treatment of pollution (Water, Waste, Air, Soil) or Analysis-Measurement-Monitoring, and the range of what it has to offer has been expanded through extensive treatment of topical new themes: saving water (re-use of waste water and sustainable management of rainwater), the exploitation of materials, renewables (with particular emphasis on biogas and geothermal), energy saving and economical building, high environmental quality building, the fight against greenhouse gases (carbon balance, sustainable development), urban mobility, photocatalysis, eco-design, protection of the natural environment, health and the environment ….

… for an expanded public
Besides Pollutec’s traditional visitors - decision makers, specifiers, technicians, project managers and contractors from industry and local authorities - Pollutec Horizons is also of particular relevance to all those who are responsible within their organization for promoting or recommending policies that take into account the new challenges. These include environment and/or sustainable development managers; purchasing managers; design studios; consultants; architects; town planners; environmental health managers … Over 40,000 professional visitors are expected.

Conferences and forums in step with the expectations of professionals
Three highly topical themes that reflect the orientation of Pollutec Horizons have been chosen for this year’s conferences: Chemistry for sustainable development; Energy saving building and Nanotechnologies/Nanoparticles.

These will be covered in partnership with well-respected exhibitors.
At the heart of the show, three presentation and discussion forums will be dedicated to Energy and climate change, Sustainable development and Regulations. In each case, the spotlight will be on international expertise.

In addition, exhibitors will also have the opportunity to present their know how and innovations in solution forums that will be totally dedicated to them. The themed villages organized in conjunction with professional partners will also cover topics such as recycling, the decontamination of sites and soils, engineering, noise, health and environment…

As part of Pollutec Horizons, a new show dedicated to responsible buying
In response to the new French code for public contracts, the expectations of nearly half the visitors to Pollutec, and the increasing range of environmentally responsible products, Reed Expositions France is launching a professional show for responsible buying in conjunction with Pollutec Horizons.

For the first time, it will bring together a broad range of products and services aimed at companies and local authorities that satisfy the demands of an official eco-label or its equivalent, that have won awards or been selected for their eco-design approach and that offer a real ecological benefit.

It will cover: construction/renovation and town planning, mobility, packaging, upkeep, energy supply, office supplies/consumables and furniture, catering, paper, IT and office technology, publishing/communication and events, clothing and accessories, green spaces… This new show will host an award for Eco-label communication presented by AFAQ AFNOR Certification to the holders of the NF Environnement label and the Eco-label for their efforts to raise awareness of their certification.

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