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New Range of VFDs Tailored for Wastewater Pumps

In co-operation with ABB, ITT Flygt has developed a range of VFDs which, with their unique Flygt software, are specifically tailored for wastewater pumps.

A standard VFD can be used in many different applications. But before it can be taken into use a large number of parameters have to be set manually. However, this is not needed when using this new version of ACS550.

The advantages of using a Flygt VFD:
• Boost system reliability – reduce stresses on electrical and hydraulic systems.
• Improve process control – match flow and head to system requirements.
• Gain greater flexibility – optimize dimensioning in new and retrofit installations.
• Save energy – adjust pump speed to system demand.

To reduce the risk of clogging the ACS550 is supplied with a special program that has been developed to help keep impellers clean. A selection of pre-settings reduce the number of parameters needed to be handled by more than 90 percent. When the ACS550 senses an increase in load that exceeds a preset value, it triggers a cleaning sequence. Not only does this improve reliability, but it also means fewer emergency call-outs. The ACS550 can communicate with other pump controllers such as Flygt’s FMC and can interface with different SCADA systems, including Flygt’s AquaView.

Source: ITT Flygt Canada

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