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Armstrong Launches Bag & Tag Program

Armstrong Pumps, a global supplier of fluid flow equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications, is pleased to introduce the KNX Bag & Tag Program.

Armstrong KNX - Series Hydronic Hook-up kits integrate the components required to connect piping to hydronic heating chiller system equipment. The kits are available in various connection sizes from ½" to 2", and are configured to the system designer's specifications. Each kit is tested, bagged, tagged, and shipped from the factory, ready for installation.

The KNX Bag and Tag program is based on 15 standard hook-up kit layouts, with a variety of connection types, connection sizes, and other options, totaling over 100,000 different configuration possibilities. Common applications include: fan coils, reheat coils, VAV box coils, air handling unit coils, finned tube radiators, and heat pumps.

For the contractor, KNX hydronic hook-up kits reduce the component count per terminal unit by as much as 80%, eliminating the hassles of discrete component selection, suitability/compatibility verification, ordering, handling, and delivery. The reduced component and connection count also saves significant on-site installation labor, and reduces the risk of leaks and time-consuming repairs.

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