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POLLUTEC 2006 - A Record Show

Pollutec 2006, the international exhibition of environment equipment, technologies and services, which took place from 28th November to 1st December at Lyons Eurexpo, attracted 67,326 visitors, compared with 65,099 at the previous Lyons show in 2004, so confirming its sustained growth over the last twenty years.

The 22nd show once more strengthened its international dimension by achieving a 10% increase in the number of foreign visitors, which rose to 7,579 from 105 countries, compared with 6,901 from 102 countries in 2004. More numerous than previously, they also came from further afield, with visitor numbers from Latin America doubling between 2004 and this year (6.4% of foreign visitors compared with 3.1%). This was due in particular to activities linked to Brazil’s position as country of the year and a strong presence from Mexico and Chile.

Growth of the show in terms of exhibitor numbers (+6%) and space (+7.6%) was also reflected internationally, with 789 foreign exhibitors, a rise of 5% over 2004. Pollutec 2006 attracted a total of 2,547 exhibitors from 36 countries, who occupied 91,650 m2 of exhibition space (compared with 2,403 exhibitors from 32 countries occupying 88,170 m2, in 2004).

Decision Makers, Changing Centers of Interest
Analysis of the visitor profile revealed that nearly 61% came from industry – with building and civil engineering, metals, and chemicals to the fore – and eco-activities – and more specifically waste, water and recycling. The substantial decision making power of the visitors was confirmed, with 30.1% being managers, directors and department heads, whilst 53.8% were specifiers responsible for production, the environment or sustainable development.

Waste and water remain the primary centres of visitor interest but two other themes moved ahead strongly: renewables and energy rose to 3rd place (34%) just ahead of sustainable development, eco-design and eco-materials (30.6%), recycling was in 5th position (29.6%). Themes linked to health and risks were also much mentioned (20.9%).

Clear Objectives and a High Level of Visistor Satisfaction
The results of the survey of a sample of 500 visitors carried out during the show by ECCE confirmed the highly professional character of Pollutec.

Visitor objectives were clear: whether first timers (43%) or show regulars, the primary objective of visitors was to obtain technical information (important or very important for 92% of the visitors questioned) as well as to search for new products, services or technologies (90%) and to monitor technologies (80%). It should also be noted that 35% of the questioned visitors came to prepare for an investment and that nearly 80% of them expected to finalize their investment within the next year.

Depending upon these various objectives, between 91% and 96% of the visitors declared that they were fairly satisfied, satisfied or very satisfied with their visit. This year, 55% had prepared for their visit (compared with 50% in 2004), very largely (78%) by means of the web site (500 000 visits and 7 million page impressions).

There were also high levels of satisfaction with the range of French and foreign exhibits, the number of exhibitors and how representative they were of the market: 81% of the visitors who were questioned stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their visit to Pollutec, with exhibitor quality being rated highly.

NB: the renewables/energy sector was the sector visitors most wanted to see more extensively represented at future shows. Likewise, they also wanted continued development of a space specifically dedicated to Health and the Environment.

An Ever More International Show
This year Pollutec welcomed an exceptional number of foreign delegations from the four corners of the world.

First and foremost was the delegation from Brazil, the show’s country of the year, headed up by Roberto Requiao, Governor of the state of Parana and Virgilio Moreira Filho, Deputy Chairman of the Parana Federation of Industries. It amounted to over 200 public and local authority officials and manufacturers, who primarily came to present the Brazilian environment market and the progress made by Brazilian environment policy in relation to renewables and biofuels. Other substantial delegations included the one from Sweden, which was a major presence in both the Renewables Village and numerous forums, and the one from the Czech Republic, which organized an eco-industry pavilion for the first time and which numbered one hundred members.

Of course, many other delegations came to the show from around the word and many of these were accompanied by senior government figures responsible for the environment – Chile, China, Guinea, India, Israel, Pennsylvania, Vietnam – reflecting the global nature of the challenges associated with the protection of the environment.

On 28th November, during the conference organized by Green Cross International on decentralized co-operation in the water sector, a memorandum of co-operation with the Gaza Strip was signed by Green Cross, Grand Lyon, the Rhône-Mediterranean-Corsican Water Agency and the French Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Numerous important French attendees
Pollutec also attracted large numbers of important figures from France, starting with Nelly Olin, Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, who, at the opening of the show on 28th November, again emphasized the vital nature of innovation and the development of clean, low energy technologies in all areas of environmental protection.

In closing one of the round tables of the ADEME symposium on eco-technologies, Ségolène Royal also stressed the need to introduce a system of eco-taxes to further aid environment research at a European level.

The French regions were also present at the show in force, with both regional stands and major delegations of elected representatives and industrialists.

Prizewinners at the Show
Finally, as always, Pollutec served as a venue for the recognition for outstanding environment initiatives through the presentation of a series of awards. Please refer to the website for details


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