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Tough Chemical Pumps Now Available Close-Coupled

The CombiMagBloc close-coupled pump (photo: Johnson Pump AB).

A close-coupled magnetic drive pump which offers users the important benefits of leak-free liquids transfer, total product containment, easy maintenance with simple and accurate installation, is the latest addition to the JOHNSON PUMP range, (a division of Johnson Pump AB).

The introduction of the CombiMagBloc close-coupled pump extends the established Combi range of safe and environmentally friendly, seal-less pumps.

Magnetic drive pumps are acknowledged as the one of the best solutions for demanding applications involving corrosive, toxic, chemical, expensive or vulnerable liquids. For example, strong SamariumCobalt magnets combined with an inner magnetic rotor which is hermetically sealed ensure a completely closed pumping system. This guarantees a very reliable production process operation because liquids are totally contained, even when the application involves highly toxic or high temperature process liquids.

CombiMagBloc close-coupled pumps incorporate a self-centering ‘Taper Lock’ close coupling feature which enables the outer rotor to be directly mounted onto the motor shaft and this eliminates the potential for any ‘flexible’ coupling or bearing frame misalignment.

These versatile pumps comply with ATEX directives, while the pump casings meet ISO 5199, ISO 2858 / EN22858 standards. The back-pull-out design ensures that the pump cover containment can remains bolted to the pump casing which facilitates easy, low cost maintenance along with easy interchangeability with other pumps in the Johnson ‘Combi’ range.

CombiMagBloc pumps provide a capacity of up to 280 m3/h, heads up to 140 metres and operate with maximum system pressure of 16 bar for standard pumps, with options available up to 25 bar.

Picture: The CombiMagBloc close-coupled pump (photo: Johnson Pump AB).

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