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News from the Expoquimia 2005

Expoquimia is the most significant fair of the Chemical Industry with international participation in the Mediterranean. From November 14 to 18 the Chemical Industry presented its latest products and developments in Barcelona, Spain. was there find out about the most important news in the area of pump technology.

ASV Stübbe bolsters its role as full-range supplier of corrosion free systems. The product range includes valves, control systems, fittings, pumps and filters. For these products, the manufacturer offers a selection of various synthetic materials fort he production of parts in contact with the medium. Examples for the pump technology are the Chemical standard pump NM with a capacity of up to 400 m³/h and the Vertical sump pump ET.

Another interesting fact, by the way, is that the enterprise with a long tradition in German recently opened a production facility in China. There, mainly products for the semiconductor industry – which is an important business in Asia - are to be manufactured.

Friatec Rheinhütte shows the Propeller Circulating Pump R PROP for high capacities at high efficiencies and an optimised NPSH value. The adjustable propeller blades make it possible to change the pump parameters during standstill. An optimised housing allows for torsion-free nozzle loading. This pumps are especially suitable for applications in evaporation and crystallisation plants, pulp and paper industry and in plastics production.

With the RNP series Friatec extends the application area of ETFE-lined pumps for deliveries of up to den 1600 m³/h and delivery heads up to 70 m. The working temperature range is 150 °C and in special cases even up to 170 °C.

The Genta from Fristam is a self-priming nutating disc pump with a sterile Cr-Ni-Mo steel / ceramics construction and an exceptional operational reliability. The Genta is especially suitable for pharmaceutical applications and in biotechnology.

The redundant sealing system which can be equipped with an electronic monitoring unit guarantees contamination-free operation without leakage.

Inoxpa introduces the new Food pump RV-80. Its spiral impeller was designed to deliver fluids containing solids. This makes it suitable fort the transport of fruit or vegetable-containing fluids.

The center of Iwaki’sbooth is the magnetically driven centrifugal pump MX. The main advantages mentioned are the robust construction and easy maintenance. The pump in block construction is available in different materials which makes it suitable for various applications starting with the chemical industry, electroplating and even waster water.

Furthermore, the company presents its dosing pump range EW. The multifunctional characteristics of these pumps are especially worth mentioning. The EW-Y model has an integrated control and can easily be adjusted to the operating conditions. The material versions for this pump range from various synthetics to stainless steel.

The KSB Gruppe, in Spain represented by its subsidiary company Bombas Itur presents new drives based on the proven CPK hydraulic. So the Magnochem has a magnetic drive whereas the Secochem is equipped with a canned motor. The modular design even allows for later backfitting in existing installation.

With the Tyamagno - a synthetically lined magnetic pump - KSB wants to address demanding customers. The pump is intended for the use in the chemical and the petrochemical industries as well as for the process industry.

The Spanish pump distributor Vorkauf shows, among others, the new EDUR Multiphase Pump. The open impeller design ensures a reliable gas entrainment and energy savings at the same time. Depending on the model, gas contents up to 30% can be achieved. By feeding the gas directly into the suction line, a reduction of system components (compressors, pressure tanks, control system and valves) can be achieved compared to conventional systems. There are almost no limits to the applications. The pump can be used in many processes, e.g. drinking water or waste water treatment.


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