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QuadraSonic Array Technology System

QuadraScan Technologies, LLC, headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, will be introducing its QuadraSonic Array technology system that uses ultrasound to detect water and wind noise intrusion in a sealed compartment.

The presentation will take place during the Automotive Testing Expo North America 2005 at Rock Financial Showplace in Detroit, October 26-28, according to Scott Farrell, president.

Myles Izikoff, senior vice president of sales, explains, “This patent-pending system has a broad spectrum of applications to uncover leaks of water or wind noise intrusion in the vehicle and transportation manufacturing industries, aircraft and aerospace industries, tank manufacturing industry, boat and marine industries, and other industries having unpressurized containment products.”

This technology is applicable, and can be adapted for, any product requiring a sealed compartment.

“Initially, our American-made QuadraSonic Array system has been tested with amazing results in the automotive industry where ‘shower’ or ‘water booth’ tests are ISO mandated in the production assembly line,” emphasizes Farrell.“ Traditionally, during the required shower booth tests, a high pressure water spray is directed at the vehicle within a closed booth to see if any leaks are present. After the shower booth, workers visually inspect the vehicle for any water intrusion. Using the QuadraSonic Array prior to, or in place of, these water tests will minimize not only damage to the vehicle that might be caused by the water testing, but also locate, within 6-12 inches, the area of intrusion on the vehicle so that repairs can be made to prevent water leaks for the eventual owner of the automobile.”

Farrell continued, “This technology is also useful in discerning those wind noise intrusions that can create a high pitched whistle in the car when all the windows appear to be tightly sealed. Discovering a wind noise intrusion on the production line is even more difficult than a water leak.”

As the vehicle moves through the QuadraSonic Array, if a leak is detected, the ultrasonic receivers send data back to a computer through software that graphically displays the results. Not only does the device uncover the potential for large leaks, such as an ajar tailgate, loose seals around doors and windows, and open windows, moon or sun roofs; but the system will discern those less quickly detectible leaks where water and air might penetrate the otherwise sealed area. In addition, the system is designed to scan vehicle barcodes, with the ability to permanently archive the tested vehicle’s data. When the process is complete, each vehicle has its own ultrasound fingerprint that can be accessed and utilized in future identification of product failures.

“In a time when customer satisfaction is a priority for the automotive industry, this nondestructive testing technology provides cost savings for the manufacturer, as well as greatly enhancing the ability of the manufacturer to meet the stringent quality standards prescribed to protect the consumer,” Brad Bishop, vice president of sales, points out. “By applying this technology, the consumer will benefit from more consistent quality in their vehicles.”

Research on additional applications is ongoing, according to Farrell. Although the initial focus of the company has been in vehicle assembly facilities, QuadraScan Technologies also has the capability to leak test any type of unpressurized containment, such as fuselages, hulls and welded structures in a variety of industries. The QuadraScan Technologies Research and Development Department has also devised a method of nondestructive leak testing of grommets and rain paper separation, and is validating new types of production parts and methods.

Formed in 2002, QuadraScan Technologies, LLC, has been involved in the development and testing stages of the new technology since its founding. QuadraScan Technologies is dedicated to the development of nondestructive, noninvasive and cost-effective leak detection. QuadraScan Technologies' mission is to bring to the assembly industry a failsafe diagnostic tool to positively impact both production and quality control.

QuadraScan Technologies

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