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Sykes XH - Pumps to Fulfil Tough Demands

Improvements in technology have resulted in mines being cut deeper which is pushing the boundaries of existing equipment.

There are pumps in the industry that are manufactured overseas and are unable to cope with the strains and demands associated with such high static heads. Sykes XH Series pumps are capable of pumping up to 245M, so by simply retrofitting a Sykes pumpend to an existing engine these problems can be overcome.

Sykes XH Series Pumps allow for the existing pipe to be used at higher static heads. Existing pumps would require the pipe diameter to be changed to meet such duties and still may not solve the problem.

Sykes Pumps have continued to evolve to suit the demands of the Australian mining industry. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Sykes Pumps can be custom built to suit your required duties and selected to suit your power and application. Besides the convenience and local support that comes with local manufacturing, lead times on spares and replacement is also shorter than for foreign manufactured pumps.

Sykes have recently fitted a number of XH series pumpends to replace existing non-performing units including:

  • Sykes XH150 to replace Sterling High Head Pump - Diesel
    Duty 100 l/s @ 165M Total Dynamic Head 1800RPM 250KW
    In this application the XH150 was preferred because of the extra capability and long lead times to replace the Sterling pump.
  • Sykes XH150 to replace AC 8 x 6 x 17 Diesel
    Duty 110 l/s @ 160 M Total Dynamic Head 1800RPM 250KW
    In this application the XH150 will achieve the duty that previously required two of the existing units in series, when you take into account this is still the same engine, fuel consumption was reduced by 50%, over 40litres/hour.
  • Sykes XH100 to replace AC 10 x 8 x21 Electric
    Duty 55 l/s @ 100M Total Dynamic Head 1450RPM 90KW
    In this application the duties required did not suit the existing pump.


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