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PXpert version 1.0 Released

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The new pump selection and configuration software PXpert version 1.0 has been released and is now available to PXPumps’ world wide network of exclusive distributors.

The pump selection includes both, the Hydraulic Selection of a pump considering the area of application, the duty point and additional parameters as well as the Product Selection Browser as direct access to series and type designations. The software automatically adapts the pump performance curves to the given operating conditions. The pump curve optimisation can be done by impeller trimming, by changing the speed or by throttling. The precise operating cost calculation allows to compare the pumps regarding their economy. The loading profile can be defined individually.

The integrated pump data has been realized through more than 350 tests in PXPumps’ new, modern test facility. 90 parameters can be measured in both 50 & 60 Hz and voltages are adjustable from 110 - 600 Volt. Before leaving the factory, all pumps are tested according to ISO9906 in a fully automated test procedure. In addition, PXpert also offers the latest up-date of the friction loss calculation program.

PXpert version 1.0 is based on the well-known Spaix software by VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE.

"We are very excited about this software" comments Henrik Mogensen, Export Manager of PXPumps. "We want to use this software for our complete sales force and we expect to continue our updates of the software when a brand new range of drainage pumps will be released soon“

"We are glad to welcome PXPumps as a customer" states Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE. "We are sure that PXpert will help to streamline the complete sales process and improve the handling of pump documentation. With this software PXPumps is gaining a competitive advantage."

About PXPumps
PXPumps established with 25 years experience has a proud record of being the premier supplier of submersible wastewater pumps in Denmark.

A modern production facility equipped with state of the art CNC machining centres guarantees high quality products to Scandinavian standards of excellence.

The PX range of wastewater pumps embodies intelligent design, practical features and is extremely user- friendly, a major criteria with end users.

Minimising “Life Cycle Cost” through high hydraulic and electrical motor efficiencies, inter- changeability of important components, improved serviceability and reduced downtime are important factors that result in a cost effective PXPump installation.

VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE is the leading supplier of software solutions for the selection and configuration of systems and components such as pumps, valves and pipes. They are particularly designed to help pump manufacturers and pump users in streamlining their business processes by combining qualified technical calculations with commercial aspects. Besides the software itself , VSX offers a wide range of services. References include the world’s largest pump producers, such as ABS, EBARA, ITT Industries, KSB and Wilo.

Picture: (Photo: PXPumps A/S)

Source: PXPumps

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