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New Energy Saving Borehole Submersible Pumps

High performance, large energy savings and lower operating costs. These are the features of the new TVS submersible pumps from VOGEL, an ITT Industries company.

With its innovative design and performance characteristics, the new TVS pumps constitutes a forward thinking solution for all water pumping problems.

With an 8 diameter, flow rates up to 180 m3/h and heads up to 550 m means that the pumps can be used for supplying drinking water, in water distribution and water booster installations for civil and industrial use, and in irrigation systems for farms and large green areas such as parks and golf courses. Plus, there is even more, they can also be installed in fountains, in pumping systems for fish farms, in water supply systems from deep wells and last but not least, for dewatering in civil engineering and mining installations.

TVS pumps are at the very top end of design which guarantees construction features with a high technological profile.

The exclusive use of a dynamic wear ring (to minimize internal losses) on the one hand and on the other, the use of precision castings to obtain very smooth surfaces and to reduce tolerances to a minimum, thereby contributing to enhanced pump performance constitute the advantages of this pump series. On top of that, TVS pumps are also better in terms of energy and associated cost savings.

Savings in energy consumption come from the pumps high efficiency levels: this can be increased even further by combining the new pumps with the Hydrovar variable speed drive, which can adapt the pump performance to the exact demand of water.

On the other hand, from an economic point of view, the new Vogel pumps have reduced operating and maintenance costs because of the significant energy savings associated with their greater efficiency and because of the use of materials with very high performance in terms of resistance to corrosion and wear.

The main pump components are made of precision-cast 316 stainless steel, a material with high mechanical strength. This makes possible to obtain the same performance as traditional materials with a min. wall thickness. Components such as the shaft, conical locking sleeve and pump coupling are made of Duplex stainless steel, a material which is highly resistant to corrosion. The TVS has a remarkable permitted sand content of 100 g/m3.

It should also be considered that, while using high-quality materials such as 316 and Duplex stainless steel, the TVS pumps are competitive with traditional cast iron products due to the development of hydraulic design and material thickness optimized by FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

Available in size 50 , 70, 90 and 125 m3/h, the Vogel TVS pumps cover a large performance range. For a flow range from 40 up to 135 m3/h the efficiency is always at least 78%. The TVS can be combined with 6 and 8 motors, in compliance with NEMA standards, with powers up to 150 kW.

Vogel and the inclusion of the new TVS submersible pumps in its range, confirms its role as a forward thinking company in hydraulic pump design and pumping system solutions. Above all, it confirms its innovative skills in the design and production of technological solutions engineered for life.

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