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Eradicate Hose Abrasion

Blacoh Fluid Control recently was contacted by a large manufacturer of bulk chemicals. They use air operated diaphragm pumps to load chemicals into tanker trucks through a 20’ flexible/ 3” reinforced hose that lies on a concrete floor.

Unfortunately for the company, the pulsation generated by their air-operated double diaphragm pumps caused the hose to shake back and forth, scuffing the hose on the concrete floor, and causing “hose abrasion”. Ultimately, these hoses would fail from abrasion due to the scuffing action. This failure meant considerable downtime, lost product, extensive clean-up, and hose replacement – all of which came with an associated cost.

To solve this problem, Blacoh Fluid Control installed a SENTRY 5 gallon Pulsation Dampener at the discharge of each of the 3" air-operated double diaphragm pumps. The dampener absorbed the pulses generated by the pump and the flow from the pump is now smooth and steady.

As a result, the hose no longer shakes and scuffs on the concrete floor. Since the installation of the Blacoh Pulsation Dampeners, not a single hose has been replaced due to abrasion failure. The investment in pulsation dampeners has paid for itself several times, in both time and cost savings.

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