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Pulsation Dampening No Pulp Fiction

Blacoh Fluid Control was contacted by a major pulp & paper mill in the Northwest who used PCC unloading pumps. The reciprocating action of these air-operated pumps created violent pulsations that caused both pipe stress and mounting fatigue.

In fact, these pulsations often caused the pumps to be pulled from their cement foundations. This created significant downtime, costly foundation repair, environmental hazards, and a dangerous working environment.

To solve the problem, a Blacoh SENTRY IV Pulsation Dampener was installed in the common discharge of the pumps to dampen these pulsations. Since that time, pipe stress and mounting fatigue have been eliminated. Not only have the pumps not been ripped from their cement foundations, but the mill has experienced longer life from pump components such as diaphragms and ball valves.

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