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Increased Pump Diaphragm Life

Recently, a manufacturer of metal soup cans located in New Jersey approached Blacoh Fluid Control with a problem. They were using 2" air diaphragm pumps attached to the bottom of a 35' tall tank to transfer a solution used to line the cans.

Their problem was that the pumps were fitted with costly PTFE diaphragms that failed after a short period of time due to the high positive inlet pressure to the pump. Additionally, the pump’s sealing clamp bands leaked, causing excessive downtime and sanitation concerns. Finally, the pumps were noisy and vibrated violently during normal operation.

To eradicate these issues, Blacoh Fluid Control, in cooperation with their local distributor, installed one 2” J2400T Stainless Steel and PTFE inlet stabilizer. This created a smooth flow into the pump, which lessened strain on the pump’s sealing clamps, reduced noise and vibration, and dramatically increased pump diaphragm life.

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