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FCX Targets Growth in Chinese Nuclear Industry

FCX - one of the world's leading suppliers of flow control products and solutions for the energy industry - is fast becoming recognised for its almost unrivalled knowledge of flow control systems for nuclear power stations and is hoping major nuclear projects in China will utilise its products.

FCX and its associated companies have been traditional suppliers for CANDU projects since the power stations were first introduced during the 1960s and indeed one of the FCX group companies, FCX Newman Hattersley in Canada, has been involved in these projects for all of that time.

The FCX group has become recognised as an expert in the subject and now gets invited to tender for every flow control and valve project undertaken in the world's CANDU power stations, which include 17 operational plants in Canada, four in Korea, two in China and one each in Argentina and Romania.

"It is important to be acknowledged as an expert in this very specialised and demanding arena," explained Yong Kim of FCX.

"From contract signing to operation is a process lasting around eight years and the budgets involved for all valve equipment can be anywhere between $60 and $80 million Canadian dollars. It's therefore very important to remain committed to the industry."

The future looks bright for the global flow control solution provider in this demanding industry. China is set to invite international tenders at the end of this year for no less than four new reactors as part of a huge nuclear expansion programme designed to reduce dependence on imported fuel and plug the growing gaps in the country's electricity generating capacity. Companies like FCX should benefit directly from this expansion.

"Nuclear power does represent one way of adding diversification to power generation, and therefore limiting reliance on fuel such as oil from foreign countries. We hope our expertise in nuclear power will help us make the most of the opportunities which will exist as a result of this." added Mr Kim.

The firm has therefore developed specific products for the industry and can now offer a wide range of valves utilised in many areas, including CANDU power plant operation where it offers butterfly valves used in the reactor systems themselves ranging in size between 2" to 36".


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