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New Pump Discharge Port

Johnson Pump and Mayfair Marine pump lines now offer new, easy-to-install Dura-Port discharge ports. A stronger and more durable pump discharge port has been designed to eliminate plastic failure, saving time and labor.

Dura-Port discharge ports are molded of rugged polypropylene plastic and designed to eliminate stress cracking caused by over-tightened hose clamps. They can handle a wide range of sealants and lubricants commonly used during installation. The Dura-Ports and the pumps' bodies also handle the added stress from OEM-installed, reinforced hoses.

Currently, Dura-Ports fit 3/4" I.D. discharge hoses and are available in three-piece design, straight or 90 configurations. For simple installation, the hose, clamp and port can be connected first and then threaded onto the pump. The smooth curve of the 90 fitting doesn't restrict flow the way a sharp 90 elbow would.

Depending on the individual situation, Dura-Port discharge ports can be purchased assembled and ready to install, or pre-assembled with the pump. Samples of pumps with Dura-Ports are available for evaluation and consideration of purchase.

Johnson Pump and Mayfair Marine offer water pressure systems and pumps for bilges, engine cooling, deckwash systems, aerators and more.

Source: Johnson Pump AB


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