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New Mixers Improve the Process

Specifying the right mixer, a function which is usually regarded as 'critical' in most process applications, is of prime importance. Among the key considerations are; open or closed tank, tank capacity, impeller design, low or high speed mixing and most importantly, what about price, quality, service and technical support?

Milton Roy, the well established leader in metering pumps and fluids handling systems, has introduced a range of mixers to the UK which meet the demands of most applications. For example, their Helisem range of mixers covers tank capacities from 0.5 up to 400m3 with either low or high speed options from 8 to 1500 rpm and a choice of impellers including marine, turbine and SABRE®. In fact, Milton Roy claim thousands of successful installations from fractional power units, to some of the largest fluid mixers ever constructed, for example 'specials' of up to 100,000m3 capacity from their ROBIN range.

Their Helisem 'standard' mixer range comprises the VT, VR and VD models which meet the needs of water treatment, chemistry, fine chemical and most final blending and mixing applications across the whole range of process applications. These cover smaller tank capacities from below 0.5m3 up to 250m3, for either open or closed tank situations and mixing speeds from below 100 rpm up to 1500 rpm.

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