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New Opportunities on Centrifugal Pumps

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) announces the International Symposium on Centrifugal Pumps - State of the Art and New Opportunities, September 22, 2004, London.

This event was last held in May 2000. While the centrifugal pump continues to be the workhorse of industry, recent developments are significantly improving its design, energy efficiency and reliability. The organizers are aiming to highlight the current state-of-the-art and encourage discussion about new concepts and opportunities in all aspects of centrifugal pump development that are of interest to manufacturers and users.

Potential topics are wide reaching, but issues we expect to cover include:

  • hydraulic design and performance
    CFD – 3D Analyses, hydraulic design for optimum efficiency at on/off design performance, variable geometry impeller and casing design, losses, surface finish, cavitation, NPSH, inducers.
  • mechanical design and reliability
    bearing life, product lubricated bearings, seal selection & reliability, design for reliability, new material applications, pump design and performance issues.
  • new technologies and new design concepts
    pattern and foundry technology developments, rapid prototyping, fabricated impeller/ components, new innovative design solutions, new range developments, expanding existing boundaries.
  • control and operation
    miniature/ non–invasive sensors, super–synchronous pumps, intelligent pumping / variable speed drives and effect on pump design, design for noise abatement.
  • solids handling designs
    new developments and innovation in slurry pumping, sewage handling and other dirty liquid applications.
  • multiphase pumping
    experience, current designs, state of the art and future innovations.
  • operating experience
    reliability and maintenance statistical analysis (MTBF etc.), energy efficiency and life cycle costs, upgrade opportunities and experiences.
  • specification and legislation
    Issues arising from new legislation/ standards, e.g. API 610 9th Edition, PED, ATEX, etc.

Call for Papers
Technical papers are sought in all categories. Collaborative papers between manufacturers and users would be of particular interest, with case histories where possible. The first step is to produce a 150-word synopsis of your proposed paper. The organising committee will consider all synopses for inclusion in the programme.
Papers will be written and presented in English. Authors are expected to attend the Symposium to present their work. Authors are encouraged to submit their synopses with full contact details electronically to: Madeline Willis, Events Executive.
The deadline for submission of synopses is Monday 9th February 2004.


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