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Improved hygiene with the pump H Series

Improved hygiene with the pump H Series

H series from PCM MOINEAU line is the only progressive cavity pump specially designed for applications calling for stringent conditions of hygiene

Series H comes with two major innovations:

  • First, a new standardized transmission mode with a flexible stainless steel shaft. The smaller amplitude of the flexible shaft movement allows the pump housing diameter to be reduced giving an increased product passage velocity,
  • further, a clever solution for replacing the mechanical seal and allowing maintenance without the entire disassembly of the pump.

Immediate benefits:
  • Reduction of 75% in the time taken to replace the seal
  • Simplified assembly-disassembly for maintenance operations
  • Cleaning capability enhanced by the absence of articulation points
  • Versatility of products and applications
  • Improved productivity thanks to quick and easy maintenance.

Applications that demand stringent hygiene conditions such as dairy, fresh products, cheese-making, ice creams, drinks-breweries, sugar refining, yeast-works, egg products, confectionery, baking and pastry-making, pet food, shampoos, toilet lotions, care creams, etc.

Picture: Improved hygiene with the pump H Series

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