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Lubrication and Scavenge Pumps for High Technology Applications

Custom designed lubrication and scavenge pumps which are specifically designed for engineering applications requiring components to be as compact and lightweight as possible are now available from Lee Products Ltd.

Typical applications for these pumps occur in high technology industries such as aerospace, racing car development, military vehicles or wherever transmissions require optimum performance combined with low weight and compactness.

Crucial to the design of these pumps is the pumping element which is an internal lobe design, manufactured using a wire EDM process, as opposed to the traditional broaching method.

This process significantly reduces the tooling and set-up costs and also the time required to produce initial prototypes.

The pumps are available in single or multi-element designs where both the lubrication and scavenge pumps are integrated into a combined package and driven by a common shaft. If required, these lubrication pumps can also be supplied with an integral filter, bypass valve and filter blockage indicator.

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