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Environmental Award for McDonnell & Miller

For the fourth time in six years, McDonnell & Miller has received the prestigious Illinois Governor’s Pollution Prevention Award. This award is given annually to ...

a very select group of organizations in Illinois that have successfully reduced the generation of hazardous wastes and other toxic emissions.

McDonnell & Miller once again won in the “continuous improvement” category for numerous programs, including:

  • Reducing the volume of coolant by 77 percent through the use of a coolant recovery system and intensified housekeeping efforts. Furthermore, additives were completely removed from the coolant system.
  • Eliminating paint from steam vents. This has reduced paint usage and VOC emissions by 88 percent.
  • Switching to lead-free solder in manufacturing processes, which reduced lead usage by 13 percent.
  • Intensively monitoring energy consumption, which reduced usage by 13 percent.

Applicants for the Governor’s Pollution Prevention Award were judged on innovative strategies and use of alternative technologies to reduce the toxicity and volume of waste. Awards were granted after an on-site waste management audit by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

According to Robert Dvorak, Division Vice-president and General Manager of McDonnell & Miller, “Receiving this award multiple times is a proud accomplishment for McDonnell & Miller and all its employees. We take great pride in providing a safe environment for the community and we are dedicated to being a leader in environmental protection, human health and safety. All of our employees are responsible for achieving this mission as an integral part of their duties.”

McDonnell & Miller, a unit of ITT Industries, is a leading manufacturer of boiler controls, flow switches and liquid level controls for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Source: McDonell & Miller


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