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Namiki diaphragm pumps

The Japanese company Namiki Precision Jewel Co. Ltd announces the launch of micro & miniature diaphragm pumps. The pumps are compact and light, only 20 mm of width, to meet wide range of applications such as analyzers and printing equipment.

Carefully selected materials in construction and unique diaphragm technology provide good chemical resistance, maintenance free and long life operation. Powered by a special design, Namikiís DC coreless motor provides outstanding performance with very low current consumption.

The pumps use Namiki patented non-return valves and are powered by a DC coreless motor only 18 mm diameter.

Two versions are available, 5013 designed for 12 volt operation and 5014 for 24v volt systems.

The maximum flow rate is 180l/min (12v) and 190ml/min (24v). The exhaust pressure range is 0 to +70kPa. The suction pressure range is -30 to 0 kPa for both models.

The pumps can handle fluids at temperatures ranging from +5 to 40 degrees Celsius. The pump can be customised for OEM applications. Standard applications include medical and laboratory analysers ,chemical dosing equipment and environment analysers.

More information can be obtained at the company's website.

About Namiki
Namiki has been on the cutting edge of technological innovation since 1939, when the production of synthetic sapphire jewel bearings for electrical measuring instruments began. During the next 60 years, the company used a unique gem processing technology and extensive research capabilities to develop successful products in a number of diverse high-tech industries. Namiki's expertise in manufacturing jewel bearings grew through the 1940's and 1950's into producing watch parts and sophisticated diamond stylus' for phonographs. In the early 1970's and 1980's, Namiki's precision diamond processing led to major advances in bioscience, semiconductors, coatings, and micron precision work on mechanical components. Today, Namiki is a recognized leader in coreless motors and planetary gearheads, powerful rare earth magnets, micro fans, optical communications components, medical devices and more. Namiki's micromotors, magnets and specialty components can be found in electronics products used in everyday life.

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