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APV''s Lobe Pumps Demonstrate Improved Efficiency

In common with general manufacturing, the food and beverage market is always looking for ways to improve productivity and product quality. APV, part of Invensys, has a commitment to provide customers with improvements of this type, a policy which is demonstrated with the launch of two new pumps this fall within the company's DW range of rotary lobe pumps.

The DW range, which has already met with considerable success, is designed for economical operation and careful handling of high-viscosity or delicate products. For the two new products, in the DW3 and DW4 range, the displacement has been greatly increased. The new DW3 has a displacement of 50 litres/100 revs at a max. pressure of 5,0 Bar, and the new DW 4 displacement of 125 litres/100 revs at max. pressure of 5,0 Bar.

The DW pump range is frequently selected for its ability to successfully handle delicate products. Its gentle pumping action ensures minimum damage to particles. Equally important is its flexibility; thermal jackets can be fitted as an option to facilitate the heating or cooling of the pump chamber prior to product entry. This prevents even minor temperature changes, which can cause severe damage to sensitive products.

Certified to meet EHEDG and 3A sanitary standards and with all seal materials in accordance with FDA approval, the DW pump was designed for easy maintenance and features a front loaded shaft seal. The standard single mechanical seal and other wetted seals can easily be changed without having to disconnect the pump housing or pipe work. There is also easy access to other key components, such as the gearbox.

Potential users need to be aware that the performance of the new DW3 is equivalent to some of the traditional DW4s and similarly the performance of the new DW4 is equivalent to some of the traditional DW5s. This allows the specification of a smaller pump, together with the associated cost savings.

An electronic DW pump sizing program as well as performance and/or power/N.P.S.H.R curves are available and can be obtained by contacting your local APV company or representative.

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Engineering excellence, allied to stringent quality control, enables APV's unrivalled range of products to comply with the highest international standards for hygiene. In the light of growing pressure world-wide to deliver safe, high quality food, all APV Products are designed for easy cleanability, whilst helping to minimise the use of valuable resources, such as energy. The APV product portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers and homogenisers designed for use in the food, dairy and brewing industries, as well as in chemical, healthcare and pharmaceutical processing.


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